15 January 2020

Mehmet Apak: Next up, is to become a global player

35 On Dünya Newspaper dated 15 January 2020, our General Manager Mehmet Apak highlighted Promena, our strategic procurement platform pioneering in our global growth. Sharing the details of the services we provide, Orçun Güven, Promena Services Director, emphasized that it was the first procurement platform that joined the globally approved Spend Matters Network from Turkey.

Stating that the year 2019 is hard for the companies, Mehmet Apak expressed that Zer is a safe harbor in the rough sea during these challenging times for both its suppliers and its customers and this will continue in 2020. By also sharing the domestic and foreign growth targets of Zer, Apak emphasized that they aim to increase the rate of the procurements conducted on behalf of their business partners other than Koç Group companies to 45 percent in 2024. Apak also announced in his interview “Our Dreams Are Alike”, the collaboration program in which the projects developed by their solution partners will be evaluated within the scope of article 12 ‘responsible consumption and production’ of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Orçun Güven, Promena Services Director, noted that Promena had 14 customers in 12 countries and said “We carried out exports from the USA to Nigeria, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Philippines, Dubai, Croatia, Mexica, within a short time equivalent to a year”. Further explaining that Promena offers service with 12 different language options, Güven also shared an example: “We exported to Greece, too. It took just 15 days to integrate the Greek alphabet into our system.”