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ZerCard offers a dynamic and innovative solution for enhancing employee rewards, incentivizing systems, and fortifying dealer loyalty. Beyond serving as an essential tool for your company’s rewards, it fosters internal motivation among employees and bolsters company strategies.

By shaping your company culture, ZerCard aligns employees and dealers with your business objectives, fostering harmonious development. With ZerCard’s support, attain sustainable success and shared satisfaction as you advance your business goals.


What is ZerCard?

ZerCard, the rewards and incentives platform backed by the technological expertise of KoçZer, Türkiye’s foremost strategic procurement and sourcing management company, is dedicated to enhancing internal motivation and optimizing the value of business partnerships.

With ZerCard, our aim is to foster loyalty among employees and dealers by offering tailored support and rewards. Providing powerful features such as instant rewards, premium top-ups, an extensive usage network, and access to diverse product categories including gold, our user-friendly digital application ensures convenience for human resources, administrative affairs units, and dealer management teams alike. By fortifying both internal motivation and external collaborations, ZerCard streamlines operations for companies across the board.

Why should you use ZerCard?


The swift and transparent transfer of rewards directly to accounts enhances user motivation through instant gratification. With ZerCard, rewarded users can effortlessly access the benefits provided through the platform.


ZerCard offers a seamless experience with its simple and efficient reward processes, and it can be utilized across more than 50 brands. This grants business partners and employees access to over 20,000 spending points, while ensuring a transparent and effective reward system for all through its easy integration and user-friendly interface.


By fostering a culture of synergy and solidarity among business partners and instilling a sense of unique motivation and loyalty among employees and dealers, ZerCard goes beyond merely rewarding performance. It cultivates an environment of long-term cooperation and loyalty within the entire company ecosystem, strengthening the ethos of collaboration.

How to get ZerCard?

To explore the benefits of ZerCard for your stakeholders and delve deeper into the values it offers, reach out to KoçZer sales teams without delay. Additionally, take advantage of our bespoke consultancy services tailored to unveil the full spectrum of advantages provided by ZerCard. Our team is poised and ready to assist you every step of the way.