17 August 2021

We Received 10 Awards at The Stevie Awards!

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The winners of the International Business Awards (IBA) program, organized by the Stevie Awards to reward the achievements of companies and professionals around the world and to ensure public recognition of these achievements were announced. As Zer, we received 10 awards, including 3 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze, in 10 categories that we applied for in the program we participated in for the first time this year.

Stating that he sees the awards as the certification of Zer's achievements by an internationally respected program, our General Manager Mehmet Apak said, "As Turkey's first and largest purchasing company, we have been operating in the fields of corporate procurement and purchasing for 18 years with our expert staff, innovative solutions, and wide supply network. As Zer, we received awards in 10 out of 10 applications we made this year at the Stevie Business Awards (International Business Awards). Zer has great potential, these awards are an indication that we will achieve greater success in the coming period.”

Zer Named the Best Company of the Year

With our business model that serves as a bridge between companies and suppliers and enables optimum cost, reliability, traceability and effective utilization of resources in the purchasing and supply chain management with more than 20 thousand suppliers, we were selected the “Best Company of the Year” and received the Gold Award in the “Corporate Products and Services” category, the Silver Award in the “Achievement in Sales or Revenue Generation” category, and the Bronze Award in the “Differentiated Services” category.

Our B2B e-Commerce Platform ZerOnline Received Four Awards

Our B2B e-Commerce platform ZerOnline, which we commissioned with the outbreak of the pandemic and opened more than 500,000 products to online orders in technical/industrial materials category, was selected the best in the world and received the Gold Award in the field of industrial products and services, the Silver Award in the fields of e-commerce solutions and B2B solutions, and the Bronze Award in the field of supply chain solutions.

Our Dreams Are Similar, Europe's Best Environmental Program

The “Our Dreams Are Similar” Collaboration Program, which we launched in order to raise awareness regarding responsible consumption and production in line with the 12th Article of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to use our influence from our wide ecosystem for the ideal of a better world, was selected the Best Program of Europe and received the Gold Award in the Environmental Programs Category, the Silver Award in the “Communication and Awareness Works” category, and the Bronze Award in the “Social Responsibility” category.