01 April 2021

We Are Among the Great Places to Work!

19 With the employee experience we carry to higher levels each day, internal communication efforts we improve relentlessly and the best practices we offer in human resources, we have achieved an accelerated momentum in our employee loyalty measurements in recent years As Zer. This acceleration continued in a decisive manner despite the extraordinary conditions of the pandemic, and consequently, we were awarded the Best Workplace Certificate by the international assessment organization Great Place to Work.

As we frequently emphasize as a company the importance of the ecosystem understanding that voices us rather than me, we will persist to work in ensuring the same understanding is prevailing within whole of the company as well. By building up teams in which consciousness of us is internalized, we aim to strengthen our work ecosystem possessing a high awareness of the world and the environment, and willing to create the best in every area of our operations.

With the strength we derive from our employees, who came together around the same purpose today as before, we will continue to strive in providing the best service to our stakeholders and our industry alike.

On this opportunity, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all of our colleagues who brought this award to Zer and who continue to perform their duties with success under all conditions.