22 January 2024

Supporting the “Leading 100s in Technology” Project

koczer egitim destek.webp

Embracing our conviction that education paves the way to a bright future, KoçZer has been steadfast in nurturing the potential of our youth through various initiatives since 2020.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we are honored to join the “Leading 100s in Technology” project, an endeavor spearheaded by the Women in Technology Association.

This partnership fills us with pride as we support and mentor a promising female student poised to become a technology leader.

Upon completing her data science education, she will further hone her skills within our organization, guided by Ms. Esra Toprak, our Data Science Leader.

We eagerly anticipate her contributions to our team and extend our best wishes to all the talented students engaged in this transformative program.